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Bonjour, je m'appelle Hanssel !

✪ Membre depuis 16 nov. 2018



43 ans

Français | English | Español


J'aime la plongée sous-marine, le parachutisme et le polo. Je suis très occupé entre mon travail et autres occupations mais serais toujours heureux de vous accueillir.

Evaluations laissées par mes locataires

The place is full of mould and it is a danger and it should be condemned. (we have videos and photos) The place is full on dirty insects. The toilet broke, due to the shoddy job of installation) and started leaking all over the floor and we advised the landlord and they never didi anything and in the end we have to put some putty to stop it leaking (we also have photos of that ) As to the payment due to extra people being there during the world wide pandemic .. The cost is for 2 people. number one as I have it in a message and number 2 the landlord forgets that the place was actually with zero person in it for about 3 months for which we paid rent and we never got any money back for that. ( I have documents to back that up too)Plus due to the mould belongings of mine got destroyed ( which we have photos) The vacuum cleaner didn't work which we told them they did nothing so in the end I bought a new one and we had to supply all the linen and towels .. The place is full of their junk and crap and the never stop using the washing machine to all hours so the noise resonates through the whole apartment. The grass was about a meter tall before they decided to cut it so there were insects and spiders and ants all over the place it is a hovel.. And we recycled ..it is just they never took the bin out on collection day and then blamed me when it was full because once again over and over the did not put it out. for collection .I put it many times because they were completely useless and kept forgetting . And in the kitchen the haven't installed it correctly so if the sink is full of water when you are washing your dishes it runs down on the inside of the cupboard.. If I could give negative stars I would and Roomlala you should really inspect your properties before letting people list them as this is your reputation too. We had to leave early as soon as the pandemic ban was lifted as our daughter was getting sicker and sicker in the mould... Plus there is a spinning machine for your washing with no where to plug it in or have the hose run out.. Plus during the pandemic the landlord constantly broke the rules by coming back and forth across country boarders from a RED zone to a green zone in another country. Which we felt incredibly afraid and deeply annoyed that he could be so cavalier. The shower is another point, the blender doesn't really work as you can only have a scolding hot shower and we asked for help so they bought down some all and that was it ..it did nothing.. Also the shower leaks all over the floor (we have photos of that)and paint falling off everywhere..There people as toxic stay away!!!!!

Sonny (France)

Appartement 52m2 : Demi Sous-sol , Jardin

Really enjoyed my stay, great location and welcoming host

Alan (Royaume-Uni)

Superbe Chambre 18m2 Vieille Ville De Sion

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